Sunday, March 8, 2009


I woke up at 10am and it was the earliest one for the week,received a phone call saying "weyh,da siap lom?nak pg skrg" and it took 20mins for me to bersiap and with a few suap of nasi lemak,lifted down by the condo lift and got into the car.Only with shorts and 'selipar jepun',we picked up our friends and went to sec21 for their ex school sports day.i met a few long lost friends there and we had a great chat,saying "oyt,pe cter ko skang? and lame dow xjmp"haha,common words i guess

At the end of the sports event,I got 100 plus for free,sponsored kayh!hahaha.nowadays,slr's cameras is really 'fofular',and i saw nikon and canon slr everywhere.ppl shoot here,ppl shoot there.and there was like 'jacket' thing written KEWARTAWANAN at the back.wahh,im impressed!

we had a small discussion for the next plan,and all of us agreed to go to OneUtama for a movie.I got the responsibility to be the driver and 4 lives we're in my hand."xde hal nak drive but its been a while im not driving manual kayh",said me, and "ok" with them.we got to OU and had a surveyed to both GSC and TGV cinemas.We picked TGV and got tickets for the movie

tears falls as the movie really touched.JEN and WILSON had done their job well in the movie.We took a walked around OU and got back in the evening.ODW back,it was me the driver!diorg still takot lagi nak drive coz we all are still fresh P's.yes we are!During the way out from OU,we almost got a back hit as I cam xconfident in climbing the wall way out.gile ohh,dat chinese guy got a big horn!chill la,fresh P lagi.

NO problem when we are on our way back.Is was a good experienced as i got to drive manual far far away from my common 'lepak2' area. We really had a great time.


fikri FAUZI said...

tu la pasal..slr dah jadi cm common thing dlm life..
budak2 darjah 5 6 pun jalan3 pakai slr..
perghhh..nak kne bli 1 ni..

Z said...

i love jennifer anniston! <3

syrrul said...

just like the way u cried watching king kong? hahahahha ^^ ah damn tak leh anonymous.