Tuesday, March 24, 2009


its been a few weeks i did not updated my blog,which i really have no idea what to write about.boring and boring,just locked up myself in my house and unlocked myself when there's futsal game calling.currently is listening to Lady Gaga with just dance and poker face,never get bored,hahaha.me for the time being is jobless and searching for job,and im targeting at Pharmaniaga,which is suits enough for me i think. And with this upcoming UMNO general assembly,i really wanna go there,meet Mukhriz and the other,shake hands and snap pics.Wow,dats is so cool :)

Members of Parlimen



ninja berbasikal said...

jgn dow
xpsl2 mukhriz kne tuduh liwat ko

mel said...

i'm looking forward for the general assembly too!!
hopefully, mukriz menang la..:)

nazmi shaarani said...

babi kj mng sial!!!

shfq said...

hidop kj!hha