Friday, February 27, 2009


Inter 0 United 0

This Champions League last 16 tie is intriguingly poised at the halfway stage, but Sir Alex Ferguson will hope that the lack of an away goal – one that looked odds on in a dominant first half – won’t come back to bite the Reds.

At least United’s task in the second leg at Old Trafford is simple: win.
Any other results – apart from 0-0, which would take the game into extra time – would see Jose Mourinho’s men triumph. But if the first half performance is anything to go by, the Reds’ chances look good. The balance of the opening 45 minutes was so ludicrously tipped in United’s favour that a goal, or a few of them, seemed inevitable. But Internazionale returned a different team in the second half, no longer beleaguered by the Reds’ commanding football.

The game was given top billing, a mouth-watering battle between two of the most prominent forces in Europe – United seven points in front in the Premier League, Internazionale boasting a nine-point lead in Serie A – and, of course, the resumption of the rivalry between Sir Alex and Mourinho.

Injury problems before the match led to only six defenders travelling to Milan, two of them carrying injuries, but Jonny Evans and John O’Shea both made the starting line-up. And they weren’t the only surprises; Sir Alex left Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez on the bench, favouring an archetypal European away formation, set up for a smash and grab, with Dimitar Berbatov leading the line ahead of a five-man midfield comprising Cristiano Ronaldo, Darren Fletcher, Michael Carrick, Ryan Giggs and Ji-sung Park.

United haven’t lost a Champions League game
I took this article from,if u are a big fan of the team,surely u updated the news from their own website.United had dominated the game very well.Ronaldo had a very cool and wonderful chances but luck was not our side,we had the game draw at San Siro and this gave us the advantage in playing at home.Furthermore,in two weeks time,United will be back with their 1st starting 11 defensive players which include Ferdinand,Vidic,Evra and maybe Gary.Im hoping that Ronaldo,Rooney and Scholes will be on their top form and play in the starting 11.In two weeks time,we'll see...


syahmi m.s. said...

wey.. ni game paling nyesal aku usha.. dah la 2-2 bukan team aku... tahan mate... nk tido jer aspa g. kejut.. haha.. finally x de goal... OMG!!

syahmi m.s. said...

wey ska... bile aku bace balek.. dari atas.. pergh... ayat smart giler.. respect tabik spring... bile bace smpi bawah.. laa... amek dari article MU web page.. haha..

nazmi shaarani said...

down gk
jauh aq dtg lepak umh bo
semata-mata nk usha mu
las2 x skor
haha tp mu bley kontrol game pn kre ok dh
kt old trafod sure leh mkn nyer

ninja berbasikal said...

alamak ska...
jgnla mention ko copy dr web MU
spoilkan mood org dowh

Syafiq.Khairil said...

haha,aku jujur dow
malas nak tulis daaa