Thursday, February 19, 2009


Orait,lets start.He is my malaysian idol!not Faizal Tahir,not Suki or even Paklah!!He is Chedet,well known as Mahathir Mohamad.Well,as an internet addicter,after i logged in into myspace and facebook,the 3rd tab is for my political knwldge which is chedet blog.

Its not that i like issues of politics in Malaysia,but every criticisms has its very own meaning!Its started when i went to Crystal Crown Hotel in PJ for my 1st invitation to Chedet close talk.He organized the talk and yet,had a big discussion with the people who had been invited.They way he met the people,the discussion and how he offered to solve matters of government really inspired me!UR da MAN!

On and on,he updated his blog without fail and give much more knowledge and facts on Malaysian political issues!Chedet is a great guy.His style of thinking and analysis should be on book so that the people knows how he handle the country very well for the past 22 years as the 4th prime minister of Malaysia.Judge him with his achievements and dedication,not for his criticisms to put Malaysia back on top.

I credited my mom for buying Chedet illustrated biography for me for my 18th birthday.Really appreciate it!


nazmi shaarani said...

nice one!

syahmi m.s. said...

dr.m turns M'sia from nothing 2 everything...

f.s.z.e said...


W M Najib said...

ak dh bace dh
it is a great comic to be read
espclly for teens like us.
meaningful n nt like KREKO