Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Reunion boys!It was planned by caman,one of our batch mmbr.With his suggestion to celebrate our 6th anniversary,dated on 070109,we managed to bring back almost 30 ppls from our batch mmbrs coming from perak,johor,kedah,melaka and KL.

On the 6th feb 09,i took my JPJ test for my driving license.After 10 hours of hardwork,finally i have my own license!Straightly at the end of test,i quickly went back to my house and pack my things to overnight in KL at badim's aparmnt located in Titiwangsa.I arrived thre around 8pm and met my friends.We had our dinner at mamak stall outside the aprtmnt and take a night walk to chow kit and tasik Titiwangsa.We went to Mcd for our supper around 2am and walk back to the aprmnt.It was an enjoyable walk!

On the next day, after our morning bath in the swimmming pool,we went to ampang sports planet for 2 hours futsal game.Here,we met evryone and had a great chat among us.It cost us about rm2++ for the game.well,money is not a prob for us to had a enjoyable day at dat time (ye ke??)haha.We went for our lunch at restoran melayu mane ntah and went to bb for a night walk again!

On the last day,it was a goodbye for all of us.We did had lunch b4 take off to our home ground.I stil want to get it detailed bt not for now kot.Coz lots of pics has to be uploaded!otherwise,caman will get angry!haha.

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