Friday, February 27, 2009


As time passed,this i remembered the most,the study Trip to Petrosains!Haha,4R was the best class ever in the year of 2007 la,for me je la.Org2 lain i dunno,its up to them.No no ,senang2,evry form4 cls was the best cls!We've got the best teachers,and the best year ever.It was our honeymoon year ( not so honeymoon la ).hahaha.

Orait2 lets start,intro byk2 makes me feel bosan sgt,and lately idea beransur2 hilang.We've got tchr Julie handled the trip for us,and as i remembered,evry one of us have to pay rm60 for 3 days 2 night stdy trip at Petrosains,it was a trip not so called stdy sgt la,bt we've enjoyed it very much.Pak Abu is our driver and we had Kamil becoming his co driver,as he yg arif sgt la jalan2 kat KL nih!Tchr Julie got his daughter accompanied her during the trip and then becoming aid's full time partner around the days thre.Before the trip begin,we've been given the nasihat2,wt we shld do and dont!For physics lesson,we had to snap pics bout all those experiments yg pakai physics cncept nih,and buat explanation sume.Cool,pics all around!

After 5hrs jalan2 dlm petrosains,at last we got ourself out from thre.We went to our rental banglo and straightly jumped into the pool. thre,i was drown and nasib baik ubi become my saviour!Or else,u wldnt read this blog.hahaha.We went to NZ curry hse sponsored by dato lokman ( bapak gepen in detail ) and mkn byk gilaaa,bapak dia da pk lain dahhh!On the next day,we went to sg wang and times square 4 our shopping trip lak.i bought dat superman and transformers shirt,bt skang da kecik daa.xle nak pakai dahhh.On That night,we went to acap's hse for our dinner.We've forced to be polite,and have to control our eating too.If not,i dunnoo la,,u guess .hehe

The best part was the time when kunci bango lambat pulang.It was the night when we reached thre.Habis kne brainwash ngan PakAbu."bukan ape,xseronok laaa"hahaa,ini ayt dia.Tp best la,dak2 ni ajuk dia.xksh plak!Nsb baik dia backup gak la,if not we're dead!kne basuh cukup2!!owner rumah marah!!and then,tgh syok2 sembang ngn pakabu,gpen wat hal MUNTAH kat blkg banglo.adoii,slack gile la,pregnant ke ape???hahaha,dia kate penin2,asap byk sgt kot!hahaha,PakAbu da bantai gelak.We slept around 5am kot time lepak with PakAbu ever!

We went to OU on the last day.Dat was the most tiring part.Jalan sane sini without matlamat,last2 we played snooker dkt arcade atas xsilap laaa.Tchr cam bese la,shopping je kje,ape bole wat.xkan nak kacau layan same2 kite je la..
hahaha,we went back and reached skul around 9pm.Mandi2 and tros tdoo

AT skul,thcr tanye "where is ur report????"
ktorg lak, "same2 senyum,xsiap lagi la tchr.."
then,kne basuh lagi ngn tchr,siap majok2 ag
hahahaha,this is a true story =)

time passed,f4 year.dkt fantasia dance room.haha


anf said...

nice bedtime story.:)

ninja berbasikal said...

ska, 4T ke 4R?
haha cunfuse dow

Syafiq.Khairil said...

4R dow

ninja berbasikal said...

baru aku prasan
bile mase lak fatin jd full time partner aku dow?
hahah siot