Thursday, July 21, 2011

midsem break

currently listening to najwa ; cinta muka buku, i just heard that song while eating burger at boy burger somewhere in penang,balik rumah apa lagi download here and there dengan lagu2 abang nabila hasni. okay back to the topic, this midsem break is coming to an end, with a few days to go. i just remembered i have been counting days to reach this break and suddenly it is coming to an end dahh, time is too short too spend, so do life. life during this break is just awesome.i am staying in a new house,somewhere in section 7,u guys are most welcome and call me if u wanna come,ill be directing till u get to my house.

just before i got home, spends 2 nights at taiping fishing somewhere in Jeli,Tasik Banding. A fun,scary,adventurous experiences. Then got home and hang out with old friends here. Helped my parents with my sibs and not to forget, Mimi's birthday was yesterday, Happy 15th Birthday again,may Allah bless u with good health,happiness and succes in life :)

Then another story with Nabila Hasni, i had a day out with her and her mum and also her sibs, its a girls day out suddenly i was there.invited i am invited,bukan suka suka menyibok yee but i had fun with them. i ate a lot,they shop a lot what a chemistry we got here

then its BPL clubs having fun in Malaysia. Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. sadly Man Utd is currently on US tour. But then Malaysia had shown a good fighting spirit, am very proud of our national team. the quality is there and all do we need now is more exposure. Singapore-Malaysia world cup asia zone qualifying is on saturday dont forget Malaysian,just dont

the thing is my break is still not over,yet
500days of summer will not be forgotten :)

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