Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paul Scholes retires

Just after the Champions League trophy goes to Barcelona with 3-1 goals courtesy of Pedro,Messi, Villa and Rooney for the Devils, Paul Scholes has announced his retirement from English football and definitely is going to be a big loss for Manchester United. He hasn't make any press conference or any media statement talking bout his retirement and what he is going to do next is to join the devils coaching academy. He's hoping that he could give back what United had give him and sharing experiences together with all young academy players. What a good man he is.

Scholes is famously known as united player, and not to forget he had helped the English team too in major tournament like the World Cup and European Cup. He is always so in control with the ball and had been caused danger with his long cross and volleys towards the net during corner kicks taken.

he is just a good and dangerous man to watch on the field and now he is a legend


Alang Ridhwan said...

woit3.. how bout Giggs.. 'legend' tuh!!! haha!

Syafiq.Khairil said...

lom retire lagi dah retire aku tulis haha