Sunday, May 29, 2011

semester break 2011

i just did transferring stuff from my old house to my new house.helping my parents of course as they were busy with their work.

i managed to work and finish working within 3 weeks at consplant building in Subang Jaya. chitchatting and making friends with bangla and indon workers, they were a good mates

i had spend time with my schoolmates futsaling, we participated in a futsal tournament organized by staroba FC and lost to our big brother, ( our form 5 in 2005 while i was form 2 ) in quaterfinal. then we went swimming and food hunting at nazmi's place.

i trained and played for staroba rugby against mcoba, unfortunately we lost the game but indeed it was a good game

i had spend a quality time with Nurul Nabila Hasni during this semester break. thank you for your ALSA participation :)

i had a good semester break

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