Sunday, April 3, 2011

its Monday and i hope it is a good start for the week. Things aren't going well past few days i felt locked. Sickness blown me away and today i feel better. Just downloaded screaming bloody murder album by Sum41 and it is their latest album and currently on air in my room from my lappie. HAHAHA biar lah sum41 is not a lame band! please listen to reason to believe serious best!
Last friday night i had watched MAHARAJA LAWAK and mmg tersangatlah lawak, and smlm entertained by ABPBH pulak hahaha oh myy im not a reality shows guy but i just love watching award winning shows. Search youtube guys confirm tergelak punye and that is how i entertain myself when i locked alone in the house. Thanks Malaysian entertainment u came at the right moment at a right time HAHA

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