Wednesday, March 30, 2011

penat penat

hari ni xbape nak elok sangat, da day is just perfect but then badan ini yang terasa sakitnya. just got back from KL on monday morning arrived at 3.++ and suddenly felt really uncomfortable. a bit shocked bila dapat tau yang penang raining non stop within a few days while we were in kl until now. yes at last its raining in penang! and suddenly there's no light from the sun this few days. it was non stop raining until now. and fyi, during this sudden climate change, human body is easily affected by the sudden changes, anti body will drop down therefore makin senanglah kita nak sakit2 sengal2 badan. This is really what happening to me. while posting this pun rasa nak pitam dah, just ate my med got form doc this evening. hope nak recover cepat2 bcos test 2 week is coming right up. done.

ps i miss u :)

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