Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yeah,I'm back!
What a disaster last night,Ive been cheated!Stupid u bus driver.A trip to Shah Alam suddenly changed to a trip to KL,and I paid RM35 to Shah Alam,Sucks!Arrived at Pudu around 2am,and got no where to go,all public transportation were dead.I called cheng to give us a ride,and then he asked his sister to pick up us.Before that,we were fully wet,it was raining heavily.We ran all over pudu searching for cheng's car,gotta sacrifice to find a better place to sleep instead of sleeping at pudu.We were saved then,went out to eat and back to his house around 5am,and then sleep till 12.And now,just arrived home and writing this while listening to Tony the beat,by The Sounds


nazmi shaarani said...

h1n1 dude!
syok siot blek cuti

Anonymous said...

hujan sjuk sial!!

faizYEAH said...

tiket aku 50 bhai.
pegi balek 100.
bersyukur sket ar.
nie nk marah2 lak.