Monday, July 27, 2009

What a terrible h1n1 holiday.Suddenly I got fever too.Should be thankful because I'm not the suspected one,Alhamdullilah.Probably got the fever when I was in KL,the day I got back.It was raining in the night.So got to play with it while waiting for my friend to pickup.

A few days back was great,Ive met a new friends,used to see them before but that night we had joy and laughter.

And to my friends who are really care bout me,seriously I don't what to say,Thank You very much.


shfq said...

ale, kiute gle kne ujan da dmam.hha

faizYEAH said...

terharu syal

wans said...

kire aku kuat la nie?

azne rawrr W. said...

HAHHA. h1n1. bhye ska nh. hahhah