Monday, May 25, 2009


Candat sotong?I missed it!
Well we went to terengganu for a weekend trip on the last Sat and its been a long time,since the last skali i went thre,at dat time,maybe when i was 9!
I seated at the driver seat,and so,gotta drive!

While we were in highway Temerloh (think so),my father was asleep besides me and then i take dat 'hard to get opportunity' to give more speed to the car.

There was a speedtrap,and ive been taken out of the road by the traffic guy!Wt da hell was dat!!

Then dat guy came nearer to us and 'asking whre we from?''goin whre?''long stay or wut?',sucks laa,agak CSI gak laa

And from the language he spoke to us,i noted dat we were gettin near to terengganu,kuantan actually.haha.then we settled dat 'saman' thing baik punya (no rasuah,haram!) and i got nuthin to pay,thanks dude!Alhamdullillah :)

Then we stayed at Tanjung Jara,which was located in Dungun for 2days.Seriosly,Dungun is Zero!But more crdt given to Kertih,it was really cool on the night,the lights and fire,nice job done by Petronas!


Anonymous said...

habelas budak2 uitm dungun.
mati kebosanan

faizYEAH said...

penang best

nazmi shaarani said...

gambar mne doe???!

norman.bulat said...

cm xde pape pun kt tggnu!

saps said...

haha glabah ska:P