Thursday, May 28, 2009

Comeback Better And Stronger

It was beautiful game last night in ROMA,where the Final Of Champions League 2009 being held.Two teams,each had win their own major league which is the English Premier League,and also The Spanish La Liga.The finalist were the Red Devils,Manchester United and The Catalans, FC Barcalona.

Both teams had the disadvantage where both had suspensions of players.The killer for both team was Ronaldo and Messi and both had gave out some big shots.

In early stage of the game,United had a few shots before the 10th minutes where Eto'o scored for Barca.On the 70th minutes,Xavi had a clear range and crossed the ball before headed off by Messi into the net. The game was dominated by Barca,tactical play played by Pep Guardiola ruined movements of United until the end of time.Referee ended the game with no provocation and it was a happy ending for Barca,but truly a sad ending for United as they lose the game.The Catalans had outplayed United for 80minutes as United did not play well.The deserve to lose the game because of bad mistakes by themselves.

Despite of the disappointment of the night's game,Ronaldo is really confident that United do have more/big chance to bring in more silverware to Old Trafford.They have to work extra harder,to achieve more title,no exception for Champions League Trophy.

Messi had became the man of the match of the finals.His header had confirmed the winning and his play/role was a big contribution to Barca besides the helping of his mates,Xavi and Iniesta.

Now United have to comeback better and stronger.That's what the club do.They have been bitten by a better team,and for the next season,they've got to be Stronger

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1stly aku nk ckp page kau lawa.
tp man u ttp kelab plng kaye EPL.