Tuesday, June 14, 2011

new semester

yesterday my automotive lecture,which is the head of my faculty (he is an IR) got a sudden meeting

class cancelled

today supposed to be my 1st workshop, casting

class cancelled

i got 16 credit hours for this semester if i am not mistaken

most of the class is not located at the campus, its outside which is in another building.lots of movement needed
and fyi, penang is really hot nowadays

gap break between classes : min 4 hours most of the time

ramp bumper is fucking high, student pissed, people pissed and no action taken against it

i got no class on friday but on thursday the class arrangement is so pack, 1 hour gap between 3 classes

i am still playing rugby with the team, got a few star juniors joining the team

thinking of taking muet this sem but still din buy the pin yet

study fees, still unpaid

got LAN connection, CS when there is a time, laptop is everywhere in the house!

seasoning the mind to study, got 2 final paper, a higher target is desired

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