Thursday, March 10, 2011

Okay diri ini merasakan buku ini sangat menarik,sold bout 5000 copies and more i guess, on the release day and u cant expect nothing less from that. I dont know why i adore this guy so much, maybe because ive seen him talking live kot. People make like him and may not but it depends on their perception. For me this guy is awesome, " a doctor was in the house, and that is why now we live in a good health, peace " gonna buy it soon aha :D


Hiz'da said...

ceyy ..
da bace lom ska?

menarik part anwar tuh.. haha

nazmi shaarani said...

dh sold out 3 hari lepas jual doh!!!
aku gi mph sabtu lepas nak beli
pulang dgn tgn kosong....
tapi dh buat pre-order next print
bln depan released
baik cepat karang abes!