Friday, December 17, 2010



On behalf of the batch members,i would like to express my idea in organizing our batch meeting.Our batch leader, Gorie is way too far apart and it is hard for him to organize this kind of event.All of us here ( local ) need to spend time together,discussing things that we have to do and organize in the future,which includes electing committees among batch members, events such as reunions and so on. Time, date and the venue is to be confirmed depends on who wants to take part in the meeting. We know that the holiday@semester break is coming to an end really soon, and it is impossible to organize the meeting in this hours. Probably,we can have it on the upcoming semester break,which in the range of july till september 2011 ( which is still to be confirmed ) Our batch myspace does help before,and now is Facebook's turn. We need to get this group comes alive as myspace does. I hope that I will get a positive response from all of u, we can get it discussed on the group's wall for sure.This is to all batch members,I'm not putting an exception to each and everyone of u.All of us is invited to join and this is serious matter,we need your ideas and opinions.Thank you.



paan said...

bagus idea tu tp aku rasa ssh la klo nk meeting ramai2 ni. sbb kte suma bukannye dekat2. pape try arrange dlu la . and i hape that it'll work. :)

Syafiq.Khairil said...

itu ahh ktorg try manage btol2
bukan nak buat cepat2 pun tp nak plan dlu nak buat bila