Sunday, September 26, 2010

now stuck at Mcd doing dynamics which I don't really understand the most,this thingy is all about rotation plus moving stuff.anything that can be moved is called dynamics,I hate the subject, it requires a lot of beautiful crazy imagination stuff and I am no good at imagining , additional with velocity and acceleration with freaking forces selit celah-celah movement tu,it sucks! But still,its the path I chosed and I have to face it no matter what, with my gf is on finals right now, need to be good, and great like her. how I miss my school life :(

p/s I love u :)


syahmi m.s. said...

ska!, haha.. good as her..

biela said...

honey, im not dat good! u're better! so now dat im done with my finals, i can cheer u up when u're down! dynamics wont kill u! :P

azri said...

awek wooh!!!