Thursday, February 4, 2010

Somehow I am missing my camera :(
Feeling regret cause I had no attention in bringing my cam to Penang before going back to Uitm on the last Jan
and before that,my mom had asked weather u wanted to bring your cam back with you,
accidently I said no
Hmm,what to do and now I am losing those memorable moments,with a few pics snapped by phone cam,yeah a few indeed!what a loser I am!
last week me and my housemates went to my hometown,Taiping and had a good afternoon shower at Bukit Larut,but before that we got dragged by cendol,somewhere in town.
Then after a freezing bath at Bukit Larut,we went to Kuala Sepetang and had a good taste of Mee Udang!
It cost us bout RM10 each but then,worthwhile I can say.Hahaha

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Asyikin Abdullah said...

I miss bukit larut bukit maxwell kuala sepeteng taman lakeview kuey teow dolly. Basicly I miss Taiping. Oh hai org Kampung :D