Friday, January 15, 2010

be good,be good
2010 will be a good start for me :0
n yet,it had been a good start!
the class is not that bad too,the group pun bole2 tahan je
sume pun muke2 baru je,too bad since the last semester xpenah nampak and tego diorg pun
and no worries,we'll make it better this time
I went to Pulau on the 1st weekend with my housemates and some new friends
We had a beautiful dark scenery at Queensbay,and a supper at 2am at nasi kandar beratur which is famously known at Penang.
We bought the kitchen's stuff at carrefour too,yet it was exciting because of the budget we had!
Now we have to make a budget lagi so that beras and all other stuff will last as long as it can
Catuan Makanan bermula :)

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