Monday, December 21, 2009

Currently I am thinking of not going to do anything for the whole week,only for a short walk, jogging up and down the hill near my house,or sneaking out from the house late night for Champions League.I just spend my 7 days 6 nights at Ipoh preparing for National Sevens,eating nasi ganja which is so famous in Ipoh and meeting lots of new friends.Someone said that I had won lots of experienced in Ipoh.Yes,its true!I met Khairul Azhar,my coach.He is the national rugby player and famously known as A'a.He is also the rugby coach for my former school,STAR.I watched his game during the tournament and impressed by his performance,playing with Team Kelantan with his two younger brothers,3 of them is included in the national team.They won the 1st prize during the tournament. Overall,I did a good catch at Ipoh,I learned and gained new knowledge while staying with them.For now,no more outing,except for RTW,is still in planning.Wanna have a good rest physically and mentally before the U life started again


gie said...

ko confirm da tough skunk enn

biela said...

RTW!pergi ke?hahaha;p

ariff haikal said...

best gile ko..actv rugby lg.shit la!aku nw br nk set up team rugby kat egypt.rmi dak mrsm dowh.aku klu duk malaysia.insyaAllah ak nk join ko dowh..down2..x pe la.gud luck!aku nw tgh trainin jd S.O.hohoho.depa suro jd.sebab x de s.o.sume tempat da ade org.except s.o.