Thursday, November 19, 2009

oh hey again.Now I'm gonna write about a 'not a decision to make' by a guy,so called a referee,a football match referee.I watched a football game last night,and it was a game between France and Rep of Ireland.Fyi,it was playoff game for world cup 2010 qualification at South Africa,and both team need to win the game so that they qualify.Home and away game they played,and the 1st game was at Ireland,cant remember the place.France had won the 1st game and they had an advantage for the second one at home,and surely Ireland need to make a comeback to qualify.Second game at France was dominated by Ireland,they lead the game and played better than France.But on the extra time,France had scored one so they tie until the end of the game,and France qualified!.The thing is,how was the goal scored by France?Henry had tapped the ball twice by his hand,again TWICE and crossed the ball to his mate then scored.The replay proved than Henry tapped the ball,and if France really wants to qualify,why don't they ask Henry to juggle the ball and get into the net?The referee too was a fool,he needs to ask his linesman for the controversial goal before making the decision.Lots of options,but taken one so easily,as it was a game in France,a HOME game i think.Its not that I wanted Ireland to qualify,but the thing is a football game needed to be play fair and square.


imanshah said...

Pity Ireland..refree tak nampak ar..

faizYEAH said...

ireland just lucky to lost a little

mel said...

poor ireland huh..
anyway, france won't make it to the final i bet!!
ubi, sorry! :)

syahmi m.s. said...

ubi backup france siut..