Thursday, November 12, 2009

I closed my semester 1 with the same dress code I wore as I entered Uitm Penang.I think it was awesome.Then I sat for my last paper,chemistry.Tough as always.It took me 3 hours to finish the paper,sadly it was not fully complete.Ive tried my very best,and now hoping for the best.After finishing the paper,I went back to my room prepare for clearence.On evening,I went to the campus for workout,then there were some saying that mostly our seniors are not going to be with us for the next semester.They are continueing their study in degree afterwords,well good luck guys! At night,I confirmed the owner for the house.I dropped some things there, lowered the weights before I go back.Need to clean the house when I got back,so kinda have to go back early laa.I missed the bus to Alor Setar tonight,so sad.Gotta wait until tomorrow morning :D

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biela said...

ska! 4 flat la!hahaha;p