Friday, October 2, 2009

Thanks for yeop's bike,we've travelled a few miles for our dinner out from the campus.I was on my way back to the house,with no helmet on the head,I sat at the back as the passenger,and Husni become the driver.We were on the roundabout,setting for a turn to my house,then a police car spotted.Ive tried to get some cover up behind Husni( because of wearing no helmet ),but spoiled.They overtake us,and asked to pullover,and we did. Many questions given,and a few answered filled with funny statement,they did hear that!100% concentration!'Jgn gelak,jgn gelak' I asked myself,and success.They told us not to do that again,safety is priority and I learned from that.Luckily they were good cops,and good cops,always being good.

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