Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A favor to a friend. Well,a friend of mine had asked a favor from me to send his girlfriend to train station at Butterworth yesterday. Yes! No worries,I can handle it. Then I rented a car and went to Matrikulasi Penang to pick her up.The journey was at night,because we had left late from Uitm Penang,we have to catch the time so that we will not miss the train. Arrived at Matrix Penang around 8, and I stopped a few minutes to meet my friends there. Sorry guys, have to catch up train at 9. Really sorry :( Then I rushed back to Butterworth,unfortunately it was a wrong station. So got to turn around and picked a way back to Bukit Mertajam. With heavy traffic along the way,we still managed to deal with the time. Thank god that the train had delayed its departure time,and safely I send her into the train. It was a wonderful journey joined by Cena,Dayah,Ema and Syue. To Shif,really sorry for the late pickup.And to my best friend Ghulei,Ive done the best to send her safely to the station.Have a wonderful date both of u :)


shfq said...

mission impossible XD

azri said...

ska dah mcm cupid... haha

guley said...

ska syg
tima kasih weh
aku teharu gila-gila la
aku da sewa flight nk p ambik kat pineng tp aku x dak dwit nak bayaq sobsob
thank ska
aku mmg hargai lah
thank buddy!