Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last weekend was a blast! I had a great time spending with my family and my friends.I went back to Shah Alam with an old timer kancil,and thankfully we arrived safely though it was raining when I was on the highway.It took me 4 hours to reach Shah Alam.Eventually,Gorie had invited us for berbuka at his house,and having a doa selamat for his journey to Mesir on this 14/09 doing medical course,and suprisingly 35 of our closest friends had turn out to be at his house.A small reunion I can say.Not to be listed the names bcause it is too many.The next day,I had a great time berbuka with my family at a chinese restaurant near to sec20,and the food was totally awesome!At night,we had another meeting while saying bye2 to the others,as its time to go back,to our Universities.It was an enjoyable moment,we got to get back together after our school days,and I hope that we will still hold the togetherness of us.Photos during the event is still in my camera,yet I dont have time to get it uploaded.I'll upload asap guys.

Kita Kan Kawan :)


imanshah said...

Semoga Gorie selamat sampai dan berjaya jadik doktor!!!

nazmi shaarani said...

kita family beb!