Monday, August 24, 2009

We've planned the trip 2days before it began.We searched cars to rent,and we got an expensive one,at 1st,we thought that it was cheap!What a mistake and we have learned from that,not to be cheated anymore.

After our phy test on the last Friday,we quickly left Permatang Pauh for a journey to Uitm Arau.It took us about two and a half hours to reach there.we managed to rent a Kancil,and no more space for the 6th person,haha,it was full enough with cena sitting on the front,me and Husni changing responsibility being the driver,and Azpa and Acap as our permanent passenger.Lots of funny things happen along the way to Arau,with Husni asking the toll's collecter is it Arau below or above Kangar?He did ask that before paying the toll,'kaunter pertanyaan' maybe.

We reached Arau late in the evening,with Ubi is getting thinner,with short hair accidently.Fariq is till like the old days,same like yol with his short hair.Met kudin our friend from koleq,he's funny too.Crazy driver!Caman with his story when he got his summons,for long hair.His hair is shorter than mine kot.WTH with Uitm arau,their rules were so strict,even your car will get locked by the guards if there is no sticker and parking inside the campus for too long.Nevermind,they'll survive.

As always,that night was not a time for our eyes to get rest.We get overnight near the Kuala Perlis jetty,chatting till Sahur time.We ate a lot before fasting began.It was to make sure we will not felt hungry easily.The next day,we slept at my grandparents house at Alor Star.We had a day for berbuka,and sahur at there.We managed to watch United trashing wigan 5-0 and arsenal beating what so called team,I forgotten 4-1.

We had our trip back to Penang on the next day.Arriving in Penang,our oil tank was still full with oil for sure.We spend the remaining time before handing back the car by going to Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis,visiting Mell and Nana,with tyco,gampang and puyuh,our friend from koleq.Then we drove back to Penang,sent the car back and had our food for berbuka.

What a full weekend,and I was really tired.I had back my sleep,more than 8 hours I guess.Now writing this while listening to 21 Guns bu Greenday :D


syahmi m.s. said...

pergh ska... nice vac!!!
next.. trip to seremban..

nazmi shaarani said...

miss u all bro!!!!