Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday night was so cool.No class after Jumaat prayer and a full free time on the evening.Took a bus and went back to campus for a play in evening.Then went to a restaurant so called 'never die' for my dinner which is so affordable for us as a student,talking wild with Cena,Bontot,Hakim,Pejo,Paga and others.Then we straight ahead went for futsal.We managed to play well.Suddenly we created a beautiful chemistry between us.The game ended between 12++,no bus back to my house,and I stayed at Paga's room,together with Cena,and also Husni,the MCOBA boy.It was my first time having chat till Subuh here,sharing lots of things in common.My next day started at 2pm on Sat.Didn't miss my Subuh for sure :)


saps said...

eheh,ska mmg active!:P

imanshah said...

Futsal..satu jenama kegilaan remaja sekarang..teruskan bersukan menghindari kebuncitan