Thursday, July 9, 2009

The memorial service of Micheal Jackson making my tears drop.I have missed the live telecast but I managed to catch it on Youtube,while writing this,I was on Mariah Carey singing I'll be there by Jackson 5 at the Staples Center.Her voice was incredible,I wish I was there seeing live!She amazed me.

The memorial attended by Micheal's family,his closest friends,and more than 20K fans inside the stadium supporting by countless fans all over the world seeing live telecast.

Micheal was honored due to his contributions to the world.He changes everything,and lived as an idol to people in the whole worldwide.The memorial touched me inside and outside,from a small African American boy living in Gary Indiana then become The King of Pop,compared to Elvis and The Beatles on your lifetime,you'll always be on top.Your music and dancing makes what you are right now.

His music tells about love,friendship,etc.The music beat had 'beat' us.Moving the body through the music.

Thank you Micheal!

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imanshah said...

I love the song "u r not alone"