Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wind orchestra is not so me,but I went through it.What a wonderful ride to Putrajaya on Sat and it was me and Pakdin,with eteq accompanied with Nurhannah and her friend,chickin.And of course my Ferrari need his drink,Rm30 for Shell super gas power.We went those traffic and suddenly we were out from the range to Putraya,what a shame :(

30mins plus plus plus to Putrajaya was a not forgettable ride.We were lost in the traffic,but thanks to signboards and we make it before the 1st performance started.Glad to see Abon as he is the one I wanna see,as I'm not so into orchestra thing, long time no see bro!And thanks for bringing Zee too,what a good half and hour friend he was :D

I managed to caught three performances by SSAS,Ave Maria and STAR,then I went out to eat.My ears cannot stand all those musical thing,I'm truly not into it.After the result announced,which I was not there,went back to PJ to eat.SS2,u served us well.


faizYEAH said...

butoh la ferrari !

norman.bulat said...

rindu gelabon!

biela said...

u met abon?hahahaha..

faranurdiana said...

try Apocalyptica
they're cool
all main cello taw

syahmi m.s. said...

ferrari beb!!!
aku naek bumblebee....
bile kene saman jer die transform..
gelabah polis

ARIF// said...

matured and spirited
see you all at shah alam in a few years time
misses and love.