Friday, June 12, 2009

Ronaldo is gone

The news spread like hot cakes,when they say that United superstar,Christiano Ronaldo leaving with a world record bit,Rm1++,+++ to Real Madrid.

And its true!

WTH is that??

From my opinion,the leaving was like a totally crazy act,which he is already knew that he would not survive at Santiago Bernebeau.The same act has taken by David Beckham,and before that Ruud Van Nistelrooy.Luckily Real was not that 'Galaticos' when the age of Eric Cantona.

Taking superstars to the same club does not mean that they can win all the championship title..We have,nop.We did seen that Galaticos in the age of Zidane,still struggling even in their domestic league,and when arrival of Beckham still they struggling for a win.

True,and predicted that the departure of Ronaldo and Kaka form Ac Milan would not help the club much.Real should have a good manager,like Seph Guardiola or Jose Mourinho to help them in the game.Superstars players are additional options.

Never mind,we give them time,
Hope they are not taking that longer than it should
As they're called as Superstars

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Zikri Z said...

easier for liverpool next season. haha!