Friday, June 19, 2009

It was,if I'm not mistaken.I was on my way back after sending my friends to their college.Going through the heavy traffic along PJ road had made me annoyed,giving me headache too.With lots of cars coming from every single road,I was tensed, bored,and damn sleepy too.I turned on the radio,and heard questions and answers.The djs giving out questions and answered by the callers.And it was really cool,as they were talking about the father's day Day,which will be on Sunday.

The callers (son or daughter) had to answer 3 given out questions by the Djs,and to verify if those answers were right or wrong,the Fathers will come out with his answers.And if the father got the answers same to his son or daughter,they'll get Rm150 as each question is worth Rm50.

There were a few questions,and some given answers were like

The caller : 'My dad was born on 7th of etc...'

The caller's dad : I was born on 9th of etc...'

'the father's date of birth u cant remember?'I said to myself.
What kind of child is that.But it had me laughed all the time till my sleepiness and tiredness,so as tenses gone.

The 'must do' part thing is that we should remember,and appreciate what they have done for our living till our death.

Happy father's day =)

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gory said...

u slhd heard bout 'my dad tag line'

theres i caller told da djs her's dad tag line was "wait!i ask ur mum"