Thursday, June 25, 2009

6months holiday is finally over.I think I've done a lot of wonderful things during the period.Working,meeting friends,making friends and I have traveled a lot too.Thanks to my Ferrari,as my companionship and have being so dedicated to his owner =) I have spend a lot for you,YOU know.HAHa :D

And now,time to refresh,time to restart things that have started.Time to carry on things that has been left for the past 6months.Study time!The future is in your hands.Best of luck to everyone,to oversea students,and also to local students.Remember,we still have chance to be like them.Don't ever think that failure is fated for you.Study hard,work smart.

Gonna stop blogging for a while,and will update soon.InsyaAllah =)

See you,when i see you