Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rushed back home

Back from Klcc,we went to University to pick up my car.Park at KLcc really costs me!
Then we rushed to Kajang,having those slow traffic,ppl goin home afta work,bese laa.With countless tols along the way,im dead!byk gile spend duit kot.

Then drop off namjie at kajang and continue my way to Putrajaya to drop off Tompel lak.I offered myself to hantar diorg blk bcos i need to learn and know the jalan2 so that next time,no more sesat2 on the highway.

Drop off Pel to putrajaya and my mom called to get back early to buy burgers for my brothers and sister.I got out from Putrajaya and it only took me 20mins to reached back Shah Alam.Nasib baik traffic xtrok so that i can accelerate as fast as i can!


.cik ceria. said...

ape beli burger for ur sibs.MASAK la abg ska:P

apiz said...

bgos ska.pemandu berhemah.haha

ubickham said...

mkn je syal.