Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wedd Part 1

It was on Thurs,whre i attended my uncle's 'nikah' ceremony with his special one,aunt Lily.On dat nite,i slept around 3am and got to wake up early as possible,which was IMPPOSIBLE for me!!But i made it.thx to my mom with her wake up call ;o

Me was in black bj Melayu on the day,brought the 'hantaran' thing to the masjid in the camp Wardieburn,in Kl near to MinDef ( The ministry of Defence ).SO after i placed the 'hantaran' thing,my job began.

It was three of us who become the shutterbugs on the day.We moved all over the place,in need to find the best angles,moments to produce good pictures.

Then I met a professional photographer too,the name is Uncle Sani,he taught me ways of outputting good pictures!thx dude :D


Anonymous said...

cant wait for wedd part 2 :D

shfq said...

sgt bertuah kau ini

nazmi shaarani said...

gler dier
dh pkai lens panjang dh!!