Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Om's burger

Last nite went to ampang,got futsal lagi with ampang boys.Called cheng and met him there.Went thre with mazda RX8 and superfast kancil.Took only a few minutes to reach with no big traffic as it supposed to.Smooth ride with the boys.

We lost the game,but xde ayam giler kayh!Then out we went to OM's burger.Its been a few times i went to ampang but never been to the burger site.Situated in front SevenE,just like an ordinary stall,but thre was a trophy stated 'The best street burger in town!' Im suprised!

The burger cost me rm5,and u knw wat,the burger called The Tsunami Burger.even my hands cant grab it full.i ate the burger like tsunami conquered aceh!Gile seyh
u shld try,come to ampang,we'll show ya da way

p/s : ampang jauh,minyak ngn tol lagi.skali skala sudaa


ubickham said...

ok ska.
nnt bwk ak bli bege "best street stall".haha

chatiey said...

huhuh....lapar la :D

azhar.rashid said...

stall nie kat dpn die ade kedai makan gak an?
dpn 7e.yang buat die pakai kopiah.hahah

.cik ceria. said...