Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Haha,for my batch,benteng was the place for us to grab some food for our dinner and supper especially.'Abe,teh ais and NGK!'For the first time we went there,they were very schocked.Then,we told them we were starboy and they really like us.Those NGK ( Nasi Goreng Kampung) were really good.Same goes with the teh ais.Sometimes,no no,almost everyday we ordered them foods and they came over to star and send it to us.Bussinessman like pakdin,and others love to do this job cause they can make money from the order.HAha,well,after this,its hard for us to be together like our schooling years before.No more benteng,no more NGK,no more teh ais,no more pancung2 ladoz,haha..Its goin to b a beautiful memories guys!

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dean1991 said...

asl busnsman like pakdin..